In September 2011, LCTV 66 signed an agreement with Comcast that gives LCTV responsibility for the management and operation of the countywide Comcast community channel, channel 66.

In January 2013, LCTV 66 became a charitable 501 C 3 nonprofit.

LCTV 66 is a project of passion for Frank Altdoerffer, CEO and Diane Dayton, executive director. Both Frank and Diane have been actively involved in the local communications industry for many years.  In fact, they were one of the first in the country to play a CD on WLAN, FM 97 in 1983! Frank was an engineer and Diane was the on-air personality Diana Rixx.  Frank and Diane’s collective skills, talents and experience provide a perfect blend to help shape our community channel.

LCTV’s Mission is to enhance the visibility, marketability, communications, unity and strength of the Lancaster community by providing a medium for community education, information on community topics, and a forum for the exchange of ideas on topics of community interest.

TUNE IN TO COMCAST CHANNEL 66 or visit us on YouTube.
We are Lancaster’s local television highway to arts, culture, education, entertainment, ideas, information, and local sports programming.

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