Meet Our Team

Frank Altdoerffer


Frank has a family history in Lancaster radio and cable TV. Frank’s family owned and operated WLAN/FM97 radio stations, and was also involved in the early stages of cable operations in Lancaster.Frank was WLAN chief engineer and CEO for 19 years and was known for being on the cutting edge with technology.

For over 3 decades, Frank has been involved in community projects and served on various non profit boards. Frank brings a high level of technical knowledge and community involvement to the station. Frank’s desire is to once again be a vital part of a community media resource with LCTV 66.

Diane Dayton

Executive Director

Diane is an entrepreneur with roots in radio and television. She was an on air personality in the 80′s on WLAN and FM 97 and co-created/hosted/produced “Cool Jazz Café” on WROZ from 2002-2004. Since 1998, she is has been host/producer of “Behind the Lines” TV show on Blue Ridge Cable, channel 11. Her voice is heard on many radio/TV commercials, training pieces and messages on hold. She owns Dayton Communications and Class Act Entertainment since 1986.

For over 3 decades, Diane has been active in bringing awareness to many community projects, people and organizations. Diane hopes to help build LCTV 66 into a strong community connection.

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